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Finally, it goes without saying that each individual map is owned by the creator of that map. Pharao's Tomb Domination v1. Eleventh pack 10 and twelveth pack 11 ET map pack.

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Eleventh pack 10 and twelveth pack 11 ET map pack.

Storyline - July Explosive gameplay mixed with boost spots make this level easy to pick up but hard to master. Return to Castle Wolfenstein Wolfenstein: A convoy is about to make a shipment of supplies that could bolster Axis resistance in the region.

This is the last chance for Allies to destroy the prototype before it is tranported to safety. It's the summer ofin a European forest village, situated in the famous Schwarzwald forest.

Emperor of the North Final. ET map packs mod - Mod DB. This map, now updated by Kemon, is an overhaul of the original "Bergen" map, created by Detoeni and the "Wolf Project".

Field ops have a major role to play for each side in the map. This map is not suitable to play with less than 6 players each side.

SPU9 - for his great support and hosting!

Credits Disclaimer Link Us! This map gives a chance to each team to be strategic, where Axis team is again on the defending side. Secret Submarine Base Beta. Socials - Follow Us on The Axis forces are invading Paris this time. Notify me of new posts by email.

ET True Combat Elite.

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It features boost spots you need to stand on another teammate to gain access to certain areas that are important. Enemy Territory, very soon. Tegritory a mortar or calling an air-strike is of no use in this map. To promote ET map packs and grow its popularity top modsuse the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire.

Allies must retake control and capture the secret war documents guarded in a bunker next to Tounine. On number eight we have Special Delivery.

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Enemy Territory mod Released Genre First Person Shooter. The Axis Forces have built up a base in the Center of Karsiah. Zip containing quickpar files to check and repair your ET map pack 8 terriyory 9 zipfile after download. Frost Competition Beta 6.


They are on their way passing the Seine into the center of Paris where they want to destroy the Eiffel Naljamees for all his help. Citadel - Objective Edition Final. Kastelle de Rhennes Final.

Furthermore, field ops, covert ops and engineers play an important role in this map. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.