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Angered by this, he goes crazy. Sign In Don't have an account? He went to the swampland where the blue tick hound was located. He whimpered at night, and howled in loneliness. Shelton, meanwhile, managed to bypass the gators and the quicksand with ease.

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Contents [ show ]. After escaping prison, Shelton kept going for quite awhile, as he was a fugitive.

Retrieved April 25, Unfortunately, this led to him being founded a word meaning "hounded" and "found" by the government, and he got a little visit from the FBI.

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Forty minutes went by, and when he put the pencil down, read the wonderfully, awfully yet full-proofully plan he had written. And the warden sang Come on somebody Why don't you run, Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun!

Shelton and Ol' Red visit each other from time to time. Ol' Red met immediate attention the split second it was released.

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His cousin put her in a pen in a swampland about a mile south of the prison gate. One night, after taking Ol' Red for his evening run, Shelton was in his cell, depressed, partially drunk, and crying despite the fact that prisoners don't normally cry because they try to look tough so that no one think they're sissies. It is highly considered the best country song ever to exist, and as of there has not been a country song that can top this one. Shelton, meanwhile, managed to bypass the gators and the quicksand with ease.

Ol' Sheltonn is a country song by famous country singer Blake Shelton that is based off true events. He also made more albums, got married again, and divorced at least he didn't kill her this timeand is now engaged again please don't kill her.

Finally, he said to himself, "Fuck chasing him, I'm going to see my girl" and instead of heading north where Shelton was heading, Ol' Red headed south towards the swampland where his lady waited, anxious to see him as well. He crossed the gate, and cheered to himself on doing the impossible. The dog has foiled every escape attempt on his watch, and the warden even dares the inmates to make such attempt for pleasure just to allow Ol' Red to outsmart them with his antics.

When Shelton heard the warden say on the bullhorn to let Ol' Red out, he smiled as he headed north to Tennessee, knowing what would happen. He spent some time hidden from plain sight, then had an idea. He could've chose a better outfit.

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Retrieved October 16, The narrator escapes from the prison, knowing that Ol' Red will lead the pursuing guards to the Bluetick instead of following his trail.

Retrieved from " https: The prison stated "Because an escape from here can only be done by a stroke of sheer genius, such an incident would not likely happen again.

Shelton had a wonderful, awful idea. Shelton's version of the song includes a backing vocal from Rachel Proctor.

Although it did not reach the Top Ten, "Ol' Red" is one of Shelton's most commonly requested songs in concert as well as one of his best-known hitsand he considers it his signature song [2]even opening a chain of restaurants with the name "Ol' Red" in Tishomingo, OK, Gatlinburg, TN, and Nashville, TN's lower Broadway area.

When the warden realized shelto Shelton had made a run for it, he sounded the alarms, got his gun, and he and his men got ready to track him down. During his free time, the warden blaks sing out loud to prisoners; tempting them to make a run for it.

Retrieved January 29, Now Ol' Red got real used to seeing His lady every night, And so I kept him away for three rred four days And waited till the time got right. Dogs, like these two, also love the song. Three days later, be brought down a female bluetick coonhound or blue tick hound for short. Retrieved from " http: