Britney spears original doll

They also said they are working on a new material for Britney. Some released songs, such as " My Prerogative ", " Do Somethin' ", " Chaotic ", " Someday I Will Understand " and other songs recorded between late and , are also rumoured to be on the album. Does anyone know the source of this photo? It is unknown why the album was cancelled and there are many reasons why. Welcome to Me is a sultry track featuring breathy vocals over a thumping instrumental.

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Ideas change and they ended up with the final product. Original Doll is truly just something in people's heads.

This album was to be released between the two studio albums In the Zone and Blackout. It may not be successful but it has potential to be her greatest release since In The Orignial. Due to small informations surounding the album, the tracklisting is unknown, but fans have made their own versions of the album with fan-made tracklistings. Yeah but I believe it was going to change it for the worst.

Original Doll

She needed way more time to heal but her team only focus oiginal using her as a machine. An hour later, Britney Spears arrived at the studio with her bodyguard, carrying a chihuahua and barefoot.

However, I do believe In life after love! Enjoy it, I guess! The album's release was cancelled by Jive. The album that was going to change her career.

The Original Doll (unreleased Britney Spears album; ) - The Lost Media Wiki

Lozano's staff assumed it was a prank call. Does anyone know the source of this photo? There was a very short, impromptu interview with Britney afterward which revealed the album's currently-assumed title: The song talks of the fall of the Mona Lisa an dpll Spears used when she "needed to get things done"calling her "unforgettable" originall "unpredictable" and warns listeners that she will not have a "collapse.

Baby One More Time Oops! Britney also stated she would like to do some more producing on her own: Britney wrote the album yes wrote and it was going to be a darker album than she's ever done. She then leaked much longer snippets of the songs. Original Doll - Unreleased.

Never heard of it. It leaked on May 9, People wanted to see her succeed and that's why Circus and Femme Fatale were successful albums. Henrik Jonback, co-writer of Toxic, said he wrote with Britney in whilst she was on tour. Control - Janet Jackson other in Entertainment Talk.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Another day, another drama — and another unreleased demo.

Do you believe in Original Doll by Britney - Entertainment Talk - Gaga Daily

Retrieved from " http: It will get better — this is a really, really rough mix. Those are just many songs that did not make an album or a potential album that did not work.

JIVE did not allow her to release it, which angered her. It is all live. The Original Doll unreleased Britney Spears album; It can be heard on BreatheHeavy's SoundCloud page.

The only song recorded for the album that was released was "Mona Lisa," included on the Britney and Kevin: I think her next album will be great.