Glenn doman flash cards

Begin as young as possible; Be joyous at all times; Respect and trust your child; Teach only when you and your child are happy; Create a good learning environment; Stop before your child wants to stop; Introduce new materials often; Be organised and consistent; Do not test your child; Prepare your materials carefully and stay ahead; Remember the fail-safe law: Word cards that size require you to buy expensive poster board, cut it out by hand, write out the words by hand, are too big to laminate, and are awkward to use and difficult to store. Can you please let me know if there is a new link or email me the PDF? Cindy October 26, at

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Isn't this program too much for them? My Office Supply Picks: You are a great mom! There are many tutorials available online for various printers.

Priya September 28, at Do you have a template? Baby Twins, Elizabeth and Eva who is able to read at the age of 15 months old.

Unleash their infinite potential Develop a solid educational foundation Achieve early foash and problem solving abilities Increase and improve their social and intellectual skills Build on their physical strength and mobility which will enhance their learning capability.

I have created for them a simple free service which allow to make flash cards by your images: Or anything else you can think of!

Learning with Flashcards Glenn Doman offers a universal recipe for teaching very young children using flashcards. Emma September 4, at 3: I think nothing like this existed because if you include pictures, then there is something about copyright on these pictures. Could you translate korean cards?

Click to go to Directory. You can play games with them.

Glenn Doman “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”: Book Review

However, there are different size of cards available on his website. The book also has a detailed explanation of a set of rules that are the basis of the Glenn Doman philosophy of teaching.

Your file is a huge time-saver! Children naturally love to learn.

Flashcards –

Flassh debate has being going on for decades and I am no expert on the pros and cons of whole word vs phonic approach. You can hang them on the wall and point to them as you walk past them. Also how do you use them? My first project was going to be a UK version just a few of the words would be different and then I was thinking about dojan a Spanish version.

Glenn Doman Method of Learning with Flashcards

Well, he suggests that you teach 5 sets of reading word cards 3 times a day 15 sessions10 sets of encyclopedic knowledge cards 3 times a day 30 sessionsand 9 sessions of math a day. Rachel March 4, at It is listed at the top… Help support us.

We have a name for such people. Thank you so much for your amazing work! Now, however, I am able to get all of the photos I need from wikipedia, or make them myself. Sick children began do,an speak, count, write earlier.

I hope it could help other people who read this wonderful blog and learn their children. Without carrs pictures, it becomes a matter of which words you want to include and the paper size.

Mentally retarded children in their development were catching up with their peers. Some kids never really learn this lesson and go through life believing that learning is fun and the only game worth playing.