Dvd studio pro 4 templates

Take a look at our button names; Both the button name itself and the text assigned to the button have been configured automatically. With the selection still in effect, reverse the selection by using the pull down menu and selecting Select , Inverse. The shape layer should only have the blue gradient and the highlight layer should only have the black rectangle. Normal Text Subtitles and

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Examine the layers of the objects you have downloaded. In this case, both of these drop zones are 4-layer PSD documents. These are shape objects that need to be converted into Drop Zones. Create a new layer, name it Highlight and move it between Icon and Shape.

Locations of Template and Style Files | DVD Studio Pro

You are going to learn how to create that same transparency. Jun 7, 1: Apple's instructions tell us to go to the preferences, Destinations, Palette Elements, and set the following path: Make the file an RGB file and set the background to transparent. Set Default Button Style This option is exactly the same as the one above without actually templatez a button. Don't let the lack of owning a HoloLens stop you templatea joining in on the fun of creating software in this exciting new space.

DVD Studio Pro 4 Templates?

The mask layer defines where the video or still image of the button will and won't appear. Project templates and styles sthdio be shared with other projects or systems. Apr 1, 3: You have the following files: If you plan to re-use the button style outside of the project you are currently working on, select self-contained. Once you select the object and imported it, you will see an icon of the shape object in the custom shapes palette. Take a look at the second set of images here.

Select Create Button, set shape, which is the default. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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Otherwise, we would only have rectangular shapes to play with. We are going to create this file next.

I have the guides pre-formatted for you. Now duplicate the Shape layer and rename this copy as Icon.

We also created a Highlight for the shape object that functions with the buttons highlight states. Icon Layer The Icon layer is perhaps the easiest one to create. On the right side we have our Photoshop layers palette and on the left side, our Photoshop document.

SP2 from this single action will add a track and assign the jump to variable to that track on the button here in my title menu. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

This dgd is exactly the same as the one above without actually creating a button. Once the file has been imported into sthdio Assets tab, drag the tiff file to the menu window and hold the mouse button until an options menu pops up. You will notice that the first layer is already named for you. Drop zones are any picture objects you import, which can be logos or photos or any shape object and its contained asset such as photos and movie files.

In this sample screen shot, the two drop zones have added an extra flare to my menu.

Free Dvd Studio Pro Templates

Layout Style A layout style contains your buttons size and position, guides and default text. You want and need both. You will note that the Mask layer is pure black and the Highlight layer is empty.