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Fire and Ice 4. German bridges are wired with explosives and one of their flanks is mined -- but there are markers to identify the area. Orklord Pop - cap:

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SP Conversion by Neroleone Great fun will be had as you experience battles as they mapps happened back in the day, as battles were not just fought when the sun was shining This map would be great with a mod that increases population caps, as there would action at every corner - kinda like Stalingrad, but CoH style.

Sand in the Western Deserts of Africa gave way to oof ou It's at night and during an electrical storm.

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Also pf one of the corners there is a small town. This map is intended to simulate the actions that happened on Utah Beach, and boy it does.

Every basement, ruin and bunker down every damn street was a deathtrap, and what should have been a fleeting skirmish took us the better part of a month. Recommendations We recommend using Blitzkrieg mod for this map as this map was designed with it in mind.

It is pretty much the same map, now with different objectives. This map was inspired by the real island in the pacific.

Tank traps and mines will be a fundamental part of a wining strategy. Both towns were the main crossroad towns into Normandy through which all major road led.

This map will bring together you, and three of your friends, for some intense fighting that not all of you will be survive The map supports both annihilate and victory point game modes. There are also lots of killing zones! Anyway ueroes is a good map, have fun with it. Orklord Map Trilogy: Soon, glorius battle will rage on these meadows and many lives will be lost.

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This custom Map was made by Sphinx not me! With the lack of chokepoints, the player s must be able to keep on their toes and manage the whole map at one time making this a map for those who want an elevated challenge rather than sit back and have artillery do all the work. And a pretty good one! These areas can be blown up for maximum effect.

This map is urban fighting at its best, and takes a couple of rounds to perfect your strategy. So the German reserves thus have to make long detours in order to reach the Normandy battle zone.

This conpany the same map as previously released, a valley with some bridges and rivers and with a good mix of structures; Both sides are balanced and equal as far as weapons and inventory are concerned.

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Storm was the original Re-edited Dense Forest Download and enjoy. The only good thing about the terrain of this map, is that your opponents will have to deal with it as well. Vire River Extended 8. This is the version for 1v1 og.

If compaby could test them and write something in comments I'll put it up here. Expect strong resistance and booby traps, the Germans know a battle will ensue. Fort Fjolleren is a maximum of 8 players and takes place in a industrial military area. For those of you that have heard of the name, but not the story: The map is big so I've decided to compajy two bases one from each side closer to themselves, and close to the main road in the middle of the map.

Killingfields has 6 start positions and contains a lake with urban setting.