Harry potter mmorpg

The introduction portion would require going to Diagonal Alley, where you pick a wand. If you want there to be fun game play, you need to start breaking more and more of the established rules of the world. Active Chat Enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire. You see characters learning about subjects like transfiguration, potions, charms, herbology, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts, and most characters tend to lean toward one or two of these subjects.

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Active Chat Enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire. Submit a text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page mmorpgg the internet. Log in or sign up in seconds. And I have stalked this subreddit for years!

The Perfect Ten: Why a Harry Potter MMO makes sense

Unique Friendships Everyone on World of Potter has one interest in common: Look forward to a new, even larger magical universe! I really think it IS possible. It has an elaborate world begging for exploration For all of J. Maybe have two parts to the potted.

RUMOR: Harry Potter Open World, 3rd Person ARPG in the Works - tonych.info News

I don't think fantasy is overplayed in the MMO genre; I just think that a specific and often-copied type of fantasy is. Build missions in an adept and fun way.

YouTube poster " RastaPasta " has also included a lengthy description of the rumored game providing details including that it is an open-world, third person game that is set at Hogwarts in the 19th Century.

Using a time-turner, we will go back mmorg the late s today and peek in on a possible future that came to fruition.

It would work better as an mmprpg world, single player game because you don't have the expectations of social interaction and balance to mess up. Well, you mentioned it needing to be canon. If there were enough missions regarding Hogwarts that in order to do required a certain number of classes taken it could mitigate the school experience with fun gameplay.

You could do different missions based on which house you are in. Maybe it's easier to do certain quests based on house but I don't think having them choose your alignment is a good move.

It is a shame to waste such an IP. Eternal Crusade Warhammer 40K: The Time-Turner could send people back to interact in prequel-time a la Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Star Trek Online did so well with the Guardian of Timeand Dumbledore and other Headmasters or the Minister of Magic could call on you to help discover information — legilimens being an awesome support class on most any quest.

Are classes treated like Quests? The stories are just as much about discovery, growth, Quidditch, mysteries and exploration as anything else. Exile Tribal Wars Tribes: Become a contributor and rake in the galleons! You would have to rely on wit. Alternatively, set it in Marauders time: There are thousands of other people who get up to shenanigans within Hogwarts' walls. Harry Potter is, quite frankly, the golden-egg-laying goose of IPs.

The Perfect Ten: Why a Harry Potter MMO makes sense

This is achieved by becoming a part of one of the four Houses and engaging in various activities offered by the page. There can be only one Harry Potter while a true statement misses ppotter point most fans of the property only want to be in the world so to be a student wizard going to school at Hogwarts and using magic would be the goal and in theory a MMORPG would be perfect for that endeavor. It has dragons and spells, sure, but it also has time travel, a sports league and homework.

Even if they aren't all "bad" people, it is still fact that the house churns out a lot of dark wizards. The whole point of the game could be to choose which side to follow in a world where Voldemort is in power and dangerous.