Gta 4 police pursuit mod

Lcpdfr , just for the quality of the work that was put in to it. Please reports bugs to author email or website thanks! Customizable configuration file to allow you to bind whatever keys you prefer. Posted September 15, Firstly I want to apologise to everyone that encountered problems when they replaced their orignal loaders with mine.

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Posted November 9, edited. The lastest version as always is available from http: Double click on the Police Pursuit Mod.

Any new developments or changes will be posted on the mods homesite. I had a blast responding to the high incident calls and jod absolutely pelted with bullets when I arrived on scene but it does get obnoxious after a while.

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Gta 4 police pursuit mod + snow mod - Night patrol

Download and see if it helps. Red Dead Redemption 2. I can only assume it perhaps has something to do gtaa the games being from different regions perhaps?

Posted November 8, It has been tested on Patch 2 and works fine! Please check the developer blog website Kod posting a bug report as chances are, someone may have already reported it.

You know you will not be able to beat LCPD: Experience long, fun and sometimes challenging chases all over Liberty City. Good work, i havnt tried it since MM mod update is out soon and that might have this in it. Sign In Sign Up. Posted September 15, Sign in Already have an account?

GTA 4 Police Pursuit Mod d Mod -

The mod doesnt work on my pc. Sorry I don't have or use the FR mod it doesnt work for me so I doubt I'll mid to make it compatible with it I am not trying to copy anyones work I just wanted to make GTA IV more fun for me - if someone else developed soemthing that has similiar features or gameply aspects to my mod then thats purely because I had a pplice and decided to create it or someone sent me a message asking me to include it and I did.

But anyway, apart from its not working, you have done some good job making this sort of script. Edited November 7, by Anderson I haven't used PPM since so I'm sure it's changed a lot since then, in all honesty I'd try both mods out and see which one you like the best.

This mod was never even meant to be public it was a private project for myself but someone said they would like me to make it public because they would download and use it!

Police Pursuit Mod 7.5d for GTA 4

No mate I did not upload the wrong version. Posted November 7, Plus, personal taste, but the matrix-script-kiddy-style, well, no thanks: I used keys that benefited myself and since the mod wasnt meant to be publlic I never really bothered trying to get it into an INI lol but I will do. The mod focuses on police pursuits mainly at this time because I love police chases and so I decided to create a mod that suits my needs instead of using other peoples mods that only achieve half of my goal.

I honestly don't understand how the mod can work for some people but not others even when they have the exact same files as mine. However if you're looking for a more realistic approach to a police mod which still has the action go for LCPD: Oh and Beta 2.