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Old Truman Brewery, London. Marketed by Monotype as a design of "classic simplicity and real beauty", [2] it was intended as a display typeface that could be used for posters and advertisements, as well as for the text of documents that need to be clearly legible at small sizes or from a distance, such as book blurbs, timetables and price lists. Archived from the original on 27 December Retrieved 13 February — via British Newspaper Archive.

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Tall, dark and handsome".

Humanist sans-serif typefaces Typefaces with infant variants Typefaces and fonts introduced in Monotype typefaces Display typefaces Typefaces designed by Eric San. In fact we were already aware by that they might not be around to bore us for too long. Gill Sans' technical production followed Monotype's standard method of the period.

Views Read Edit View history. Gill was involved in the design of these alternates, and Monotype's archive preserves notes that he rethought the geometric alternates.

Lecture on Gill's typefaces Speech. Archived from the original on 4 March Sign up using Email and Password.

Products that supply this font Product name Font version Office Premium 1. Morison visited Cleverdon's bookshop while in Bristol in where he saw and vont impressed by Gill's fascia and alphabet.

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Popular in design for body text, these are a traditional feature on serif fonts which Gill Sans did not originally have. The category of humanist sans-serif typefaces, which Gill Sans helped trutype define, saw great attention during the s and s, especially as a reaction against the overwhelming popularity of Helvetica and Univers in the s and s.

In Johnston I have lost confidence. Its success was aided by Monotype's sophisticated marketing, led by Gill's supporter and sometime lover Beatrice Wardeand due to its practicality and availability for machine composition in a very wide range of sizes and weights.

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Free for Personal Use Only. Retrieved 23 August Specially drawn variations were developed by the Railway Executive part of the British Transport Commission for signs in its manual for the use of signpainters painting large signs by hand.

Retrieved 6 February As perhaps you know, I was a pupil of Edward Johnston and was living almost next door to him when he was designing the LPTB sans-serif.

Archived from the original on 1 March Journal of the Edward Johnston Foundation. University of Chicago Press. Retrieved 7 September Designed before setting documents entirely in sans-serif text was common, its standard weight is noticeably bolder than most modern body text fonts.

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It is not a pure clone, but rather partly created by modifying Bitstream Veraand adds influences from geometric fonts particularly visible in the design of the "w". Gill Sans MT may be packaged with a number of applications, and is supplied with some printers I'd say that's where the ones you downloaded came from, but it's just a guessbut that doesn't mean it can be freely re-distributed.

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The upper-case of Gill Sans is partly modelled on Roman capitals like those found on the Column of Trajanwith considerable variation in width. The Art of Matthew Carter.

Truethpe 16 September Jan Tschicholdwho would later make extensive use of Gill Sans while designing books for Penguincreated a similar design for an early phototypesetting machine, which was at the time little-used but also since digitised. Retrieved 11 December Encyclopedia of Type Faces.

This name difference might seem to be trivial, but read the Typotheque article Eric Gill got it wrong; a re-evaluation of Truteype Sans:. Flickr photo of Gill Sans specimen book. Retrieved 2 May