Aprender a viver luc ferry

The book, though I am no expert in this field, I feel like it is a great introduction to ideas, to knowledge, to wisdom, and interestingly to good living, though I do encounter some minor issues. Quotes from Aprender a Viver. The chronological presentation with descriptions of the historical relationships between the philosophies also made them easier to understand. Ferry's book starts well.

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Ferry aims to offer an accessible overview of philosophy for the layman. Though his critiques of Christianity were flawed, he was still very appreciative of the insights of the Christian faith even claiming that were it true, Christianity would be the best philosophical system Is life really that complicated so that most of us can't grasp it?

So I've always been somewhat perplexed by the idea of philosophy. Still, I liked the book. Thoughts, oh the web of thoughts, are so formidable. Can I have the book as a gift from you? However, things improved when the author outlined his theory of the three components of a philosophy and started presenting each philosophy within that framework. Everyone is a philosopher and should be because: It was quite interesting and has given me a better idea of the history of philosophy and the morphing that it has undergone over time.

My interest was slow to build, starting with ancient Greece, but I was quite fully engaged by the time I reached the present day. I agree with him that we must try to understand before making objections. I also find reason to question reason itself. I tend to run away from philosophy, for laziness and for fear that I could not handle all the complications, all the intricate thoughts and ideas.

But once facing it, I was sucked right into it. That is what I found most valuable with the book!

Aprender a viver: Filosofia para os novos tempos

But if you listen close enough, you can feel his passion leak through the page It takes a while to get into this text, but I found it ultimately rewarding. The framework really helped me understand each philosophy and how they related to each other.

You won't find some of the major players in the great conversation, but you'll come away with knowing a lot more about some of the more influential thinkers.

Initially, this book was pretty hard to follow. He was a professor at Paris Diderot University since but did not teach there. Frustrating absence of summaries of big ideas at ends of sections, and of clear and simple definitions before diving into long viverr helpful explanations.

With the goal of being brief, Ferry must be selective. I had to read slowly to understand what the author was saying. He believes philosophy should give us a theory for living. An attempt to a Philosophical Guide to Humanism'.

However, I have to admit I didn't finish it because I still found a lot of the ideas here to be a little too complicated for me too grasp and I ferrry out in the Neitzche section. Realizing that oneself is untolerably ignorant, dreadfully blind, awfully deaf; is vivdr comfort, I could assure you.

It's a nice reading experience.

Either way, a good intro to The first few chapters are excellent, but then the last two get so weighted down by jargon that they become exceedingly opaque. I'm somewhat surprised that Luc Ferry describes philosophy not As a beginner in philosophy, I particularly like that Luc Ferry addresses a nonacademic audience.

As he says elsewhere, "Amongst the available doctrines of salvation, nothing can compete with Christianity--provided, that is, that you are a believer. Trivia About A Brief History o Filosofia para os novos tempos by Luc Ferry.

Aprender a viver: Filosofia para os novos tempos by Luc Ferry (3 star ratings)

Interesting book on how different time periods addressed similar questions. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

If you're new to philosophy and looking vivet a good introduction this book is for you.