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You can submit your own font s as well to share with our visitors if you are a font designer. This answer would be correct about 3 or 4 years ago, but support for web fonts is pretty universal in browsers now. Ask a question Reset. They are also both available in a value package:

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The design is what it is, but the spacing is too tight for the size the font is used at. You can submit your own font s as well to share with our visitors if you are a font designer.

Hello, how can i get the permission from commercial use?? While fun little retro boteworthy, as one might call it, it is also calligraphic, personal and neat.

Hi, can use this front for commercial purposes? No biggie though really. Does anyone know how to get them back to single spaced notes? Even if apple insists on making that the default look, there should be an option to noteworfhy it off as some people might find the colour a bit irritating.

The perfect solution for everybody who creates presentations on a Mac or PC to show them on their iPad. Apple seems to be losing site of this and now each one of them has a look and feel that is different.

You may also want to have a look at my new app: Matt Sephton 2 9. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Noteworthy has been on iOS as a Notes.

I used it all the time on Scrivener when I was writing and editing my novel. Does anyone know if the "Noteworthy" font in Pages is available for download to a PC anywhere?

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Any one can download the fonts listed here. Is it possible to pay for commercial use of this font as the text below a logo. The font appears to have a good balance between readability and legibility and not forgetting that it is appropriate for the aple and the message it is conveying. Let's put aside the challenges of making a non-"standard" font to work on the web.

OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Notes App

It IS hard to read. A new font from wegraphics. I have been struggling to understand why this choice in font is so disliked. These styles are based on the system fonts and allow you to take advantage of key typographic features, such as Dynamic Type, which automatically adjusts tracking and leading for every font size.

For writing on my MBP I use the American Typewriter font, notewothy though every writing program has a hissyfit about my fumbling attempts to make it my personal default font.


I haven't had any glitches with it to date and once you get fong hang of the process which is easy BTW you can install fonts 'till your hearts contents. And I find it more that readable enough. Instead of focussing on long term usability of software — Apple I think is focussing too much on short term kicks.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on MyFonts nor typekit ; I mentioned these two sites just because so far they have a pretty good font selection and easy to integrate.

I was wondering, if possible i can use this font for Publishing Company? WeTransfer Contributed by Laura Serra. When you use the system font for text in labels and other interface elements, Apple TV automatically applies the most appropriate font variant based on the point size.

The built-in text styles let you express content in ways that are visually distinct, while retaining optimal legibility. Feb 13, 4: The minimalism lets one focus on the task at hand without getting diverted by the surroundings.

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