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There are two ways you can enable subscribers for Message Manager:. For subscribers who receive a high volume of faxes, the system administrator can create a phantom extension on the switch to which fax calls are directed. Guaranteed Fax can be administered as a secondary extension or as an ordinary subscriber:.

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This is true whether the installation is on a PC or on a server for access by subscribers over a LAN. Enclose exact words or phrases in double quotes.

After a message is sent, you can check its delivery status by opening the Outgoing Folder. Message Manager uses an audio messae to your telephone to play or record voice messages or greetings.

Message Manager Administration

Message Manager text message. Subscribers can achieve more efficient communications by combining the fax feature with networking. However, you can use your computer's sound card with speakers and a microphone instead, which is also the only way to play or record your voice messages while you work offline.

Once you select a file from the list, you can start the corresponding program and view the file or you can export the file to your own computer. The following explains the options available for playing or viewing a message.

Avaya Support - Downloads - Message Manager Release Software - INTUITY® Message Manager

Your support registration has been received and is in the approval process. However, you can use your computer's sound card with speakers and a microphone instead. When a fax tone is received, the Communication Manager Messaging records the incoming fax, sends it to the subscriber's mailbox, and notifies the subscriber, through the message-waiting indicator, that a fax has been received. You can send the managwr to just one person or a list of people. Yes No Ask Me Later. Distributor functionality is only available to Employees or to Avaya Distributors who are logged on and have Sold To's associated to their login.

Message Manager is a combination of communications systems that function as one software application from a PC. After a message is sent, you can check its delivery status by opening the Outgoing Folder.

INTUITY® Message Manager

If you have a large number of subscribers to administer, defining or revising a COS is more efficient than enabling each subscriber individually. Communication Manager Messaging networking reduces outbound fax port usage and transmits messages at a higher speed. In this folder, you can access more delivery information by double-clicking a message or by highlighting a message and selecting the View Delivery Report option under the Activity pull-down menu.

For a more detailed description on Message Manager features, see Messaging Enhancements. This notification is either a small icon that appears in the toolbar or a pop-up window that appears on the PC screen. Voice without sound card. The Personal Phonebook is stored on your PC and can be used while working offline.

To administer an individual subscriber for Message Manager:. Enter your login, for example, sa or vm, in the User name field and your password in the Password field.

Message Manager offers product capabilities that facilitate the way subscribers organize their messages. Also, while some subscribers delete the fax message after printing subscribers can administer their mailboxes to print and delete faxes automaticallyothers forward the fax message, complete with voice annotation.

This optional feature provides a gateway through which the messaging software can send and receive messages across an email network. A multimedia message that is created through Message Manager can have a significant impact on the space allocated for subscriber mailboxes.

You will receive a confirmation email upon approval. However, you can open Service Requests now by accessing the "Service Requests" tab. Serial Number can not be same.

Include any or meessage of the original message components, plus any new components. In many situations, a customer site may have a voice mail system and a separate email messaging system. If your server is set up for Internet Messaging, you can send and receive email messages.

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